Return Policy

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How to Request a Return

  1. Confirm your eligibility for returning items (see section below for more information).
  2. Gather the following information:
    1. The reason for your return:
      1. Did not like the quality/content of the product(s).
      2. Items were received in damaged condition.
      3. I received the wrong items.
      4. I received the wrong quantity of items (too many or too few).
      5. Other: please specify.
    2. The order number containing the items you wish to return.
    3. The item number(s) and quantity you wish to return.
    4. The number of packages in your return.
    5. The pick-up address from which you are returning items.
    6. The contact information, including the name, phone number and email address of the person responsible for the return.
    7. The reimbursement method for your return:
      1. Cash refund (check or credit card reimbursement)
      2. Store credit towards an existing/future order(s).
      3. Exchange for other items (in the use of Store Credit).
    8. The return method for conveying the package(s) to the shipping carrier:
      1. I will add it to my organization's daily UPS pickup.
      2. I will bring the package(s) to my local UPS Store.
      3. I would like AAB to schedule a UPS pick-up for the package(s). You will need to provide a date/time for pickup.
  3. Request a return by email or call Customer Service at (866) 732-3667 (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4:30PM, EST).
  4. Once your return has been authorized, we will email you return shipping labels in PDF format. Note: if you opt to have AAB schedule a UPS pick-up, we can instruct the driver to bring and affix the label(s).
  5. Print out the shipping label(s), affix to the package(s) (remember to remove the old labels if you are re-using the original packaging), and seal the package(s) with box tape.
  6. Bring the package(s) to the shipping carrier:
    1. If you are dropping off your package at a UPS Store, click here to find one near your location.
    2. If you selected to have UPS pick up your packages, please have them ready for the driver at the date, time and location specified. UPS will perform 3 pickup attempts before cancelling the return shipment.


If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you are eligible to return the item(s) for a full refund within 90 days of the date the order was shipped.

For returns requested over the 90-day grace period, the cost shipping and restocking will be deducted from your refund.

All items must be returned in the same condition they were received, regardless of the return date.

All returns must be requested by the original purchaser. However, you can specify a different contact to be the point of contact for the return authorization itself.

We do not accept returns of clearance products.

Credits, Refunds, and Exchanges

Refunds will be issued in the same method as the original payment, or, if requested, in AAB Store Credit. In the event that multiple payment methods were used, your refund may be issued across all methods used.

For purchases made with a credit card, a refund will be issued to the credit card number used and may be subject to a processing fee.

Refunds will be processed within 30 business days of receipt of the returned goods.

You may exchange your returned items with other items by using your refund in the form of Store Credit.

Returns Due to Non-Delivery

If books are returned or AAB due to non-delivery (i.e. incorrect or incomplete shipping information or refusal of delivery), you may be charged the cost of return shipping.

If items are returned to AAB due to an internal processing error on the part of AAB, we will cover the cost of return and re-shipment to the correct address.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

When a promotional item included in the original transaction is NOT returned but other items on the order are, the value of the promotional item will be deducted from the refund amount. For example, if you wish to return an order in which free Partner Packs were included but do not return the Partner Packs, the value of the Partner Packs you keep will be deducted from your total refund.

Items purchased using a promotion, discount, or custom pricing will be refunded for the amount at which they were purchased.

Returned items will not count towards any bulk purchasing or sales-related discount program.

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