Meet the AAB Team

All About Books is a family-owned business in Canandaigua, NY. Since opening 2003, we have worked to become one of the leading providers of children’s books for literacy programs across the country. We value our customers and want to make sure we can do everything we can to make your book-buying experience as simple as possible. Meet our team that helps make all of that possible.

Tom Abate

President and CEO

Tom is our fearless leader, founder, and CEO. When he started All About Books in 2003, he saw a need in the industry to provide books to non-profits and literacy programs at a low cost. Now, nearly 20 years later, the team has grown from a small operation to over 30 employees. Over the years, Tom has spearheaded the effort to establish partnerships with national organizations, growing the business more each year.

Janice Abate


Janice has been working alongside Tom and the rest of her family since the founding of the company. She takes the time to oversee all the accounting and other financial aspects of AAB, making sure the bills are paid and constantly working with and overseeing the accounting department.

Chuck Abate

Vice President

Chuck has been with All About Books since the very beginning. Alongside Tom and Dan, he helped build our business and set the foundation for what it is today. As Vice President, Chuck works directly with the publishers and spearheads the team that curates our unique selection of books.

Dan Abate

Operations Manager

Soon after the founding of All About Books, Dan joined Tom, Chuck, and the rest of the team. Dan now oversees and manages most of our everyday operations to make sure the team is as effective as possible. Part of his operational work is management of the website, working to ensure its functionality, keeping it up to date, and troubleshooting issues.

Sarah Pelkey

Director of Sales and Marketing

Sarah joined the All About Books Sales and Marketing team in 2014 and now manages the whole team. While the Sales Account Managers take care of most individual customers, Sarah supports their work in addition to developing and fostering relationships with coalitions all over the country.
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Natalie Garvey

Senior Sales Account Manager

Natalie started at All About Books in the spring of 2018 and now oversees our Sales Team members. We pride ourselves in being advocates for early literacy, and Natalie is no exception. She provides a great knowledge and insight to the customers she works with, ensuring everyone receives high quality books that meet their needs.
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Shannon Eustice

Associate Sales Account Manager

Shannon joined the Sales and Marketing team in 2022 and we are so glad to have her with us at All About Books. Her friendly personality, amazing efficiency, and love of books has already blown us away and makes her a pleasure to work with.
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Halle Schell

Sales Associate

As one of the newest members to the AAB team, Halle has joined as our new Sales Associate. She has already been jumping in and working on orders, assisting the rest of the sales team, and helping with research and special projects. We are incredibly excited to have her on our expanding team.
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Paige Satterly

Marketing Manager

Paige joined the AAB team in early 2019 and now has taken on the role of Marketing Manager. Her work takes her from working on website updates and creating the annual catalog, to maintaining all of our marketing materials and creating new titles with our publishing company: Chosen Spot Publishing.
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Brittany Winans

Marketing Assistant

As another new addition to the team, Brittany started in Spring 2022 and works on maintaining all our marketing, branding, publishing, and social media efforts with our Marketing Manager. If you follow us on social media, chances are you have already seen some of Brittany’s work!

Michael Rowley

Accounting Manager

Mike joined the AAB team in 2018 as our Accounting Manager. He oversees our sales and bills daily, constantly keeping us in check and making sure our business continues to grow. He works closely with Tom and the other managers to set goals and keeps us on track.

Holli Dutton

Accounting Specialist

Holli has been working at All About Books since 2007, transitioning to our accounting department in 2018. She works diligently managing our account receivables, account payables and any prepaid accounts. Her bubbly personality makes calling to pay a bill or adding funds to a prepaid account an easier and more pleasant experience than anywhere else!
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CJ Lyons

Shipping and Inventory Manager

CJ joined the team in February of 2019 and is constantly working to improve our warehouse and shipping productivity. His attention to detail has been a great help to both the operations and sales teams, keeping everyone up to date on the latest incoming titles, and any inventory updates.

Brian McWilliams

Warehouse Manager

Since he started in 2014, it has been Brian’s mission to make our warehouse as quick and efficient as possible. He leads the team that picks and packs our books, helps to keep the warehouse organized, and coordinates shipping on all of the orders that come through, making sure everyone gets their books in a timely manner.

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Shawn Preston

Process Coordinator

Since joining our team in early 2022, Shawn's amazing attention to detail and precision has already started helping our efficiency in the warehouse. He has shown to be a great addition to the operations team; keeping everyone in check and making sure books get to our customers as quickly as possible.

Paul Vincent

Inventory Coordinator

Paul is another new addition to the team as of July 2022. In this new position, Paul works closely with our entire operations team to receive deliveries and help to manage inventory, he works directly with our warehouse team, and assists with any special projects that might come along.