Billing Policy

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All orders are invoiced and emailed 24-48 business hours after shipment. Pre-shipment, back-dated, or date-specific invoicing is available upon request.

Unless otherwise instructed, backordered items will be invoiced with all other items regardless of their shipment status.

For multiple shipment dates (scheduled shipping), we will bill for the entire order after the first shipment.

Special billing requests can be indicated in the Billing Instructions space (for spreadsheet/PDF orders), the Billing page at checkout (for web orders), or by contacting Customer Service.

Invoice Preferences

We offer the following Invoice Preferences and Services:

Paperless Billing - In an effort to save paper, all invoices will be emailed within 24-48 business hours after shipment to the billing contact(s) specified on your order. If you wish to have your invoices mailed or mailed and emailed, you can set your preference on the Billing page of checkout (for specific orders). To apply this setting to all orders, set your Invoice Preferences in the Settings > Payment Menthods section of My Account, or contact Customer Service.

Date Request - If you need to have your invoice dated and/or delivered by a specific date, regardless of order status, please set the Invoice Required By field on the Billing page at checkout (for web orders), in the Billing Instructions space (for spreadsheet/PDF orders), or contact Customer Service.

Back Dating - If you need your invoice back-dated for accounting purposes, please indicate this in the Billing Instructions space (for spreadsheet/PDF orders), on the Billing page at checkout (for web orders), or by contacting Customer Service.

Custom/Consolidated/Pro-Forma Invoicing - We can consolidate billing for items from multiple orders into one invoice, format invoices to suit your particular organization's requirements, and/or pre-bill you for orders not yet placed using a Pro-Forma invoice. To request any of these special services, please contact Customer Service.

Payment Terms

All payments are due within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Payments received after the due date will be subject to a 3% finance charge. To request custom payment terms (conditions apply), please contact Customer Service.

Payment Methods

We accept checks, money orders, prepaid account deposits, credit cards and ACH (Automated Clearing House) as authroized methods of payment.

Credit Cards

If you'd like to pay by credit card online or by phone, please save a credit card to your account in My Account > Settings > Payment Method. Your secruity is of utmost importance to us, and the the safest way to replay credit card information is to enter it into the My Account section of our website. Once your card is saved, it will be securely stored and available for current and future purchases over the phone, by fax, or online.

Cards Accepted - We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Pay your invoices with a credit card online (My Account > Billing > Invoice) or by calling. If you call to make a payment, we will charge a card you already have saved in My Account at your request.

Amount Maximum - We cannot accept credit card payments for amounts greater than or equal to $10,000. Please pay with check, money order, or ACH instead. Large payments of $10,000 or more can NOT be divided and charged as multiple payments.

Payment Receipts - Once credit card payments have been applied, an itemized payment receipt will be emailed within 24-48 business hours to the billing contact(s) specified on the order.

Card Updates - If you store credit card information in your online account, you are responsible for managing any changes to your credit card(s), including card number, expiration date, billing address, and/or card status.

Card Security - All credit card data stored on your customer record is protected with PCI Compliant encryption. For security purposes, please do NOT send any written correspondence with your credit card data to All About Books. Enter your credit card information in the secured forms on the website (in checkout or My Account). If you any questions, concerns, or issues saving your credit card to your account, feel free to call Customer Service (866-732-3667).

Processing Fees - A credit card processing fee may be charged for certain transactions, including (but not limited to) incorrect card charges and refunds for certain return authorizations (see our Return Policy for more information). For customers with multiple credit cards on file, we will always contact you prior to charging to confirm the correct card to use.

Checks/Money orders

Please make all checks/money orders payable to All About Books, LLC and mail to the following address:

All About Books, LLC
Attn: Accounts Receivable
PO Box 266
Canandaigua, NY 14424

For faster processing, please include the invoice number(s) in the check memo.

Any check returned to us by the issuing bank is subject to a returned check fee of $20, plus any bank fees associated with the check return.

Prepaid Accounts

Prepaid accounts allow customers to deposit money into their All About Books account to be used at a later date. Benefits of using a prepaid account include:

• Bypass any internal administrative fees charged on fundraising efforts
• Avoid dealing with invoices and payments
• Spend out remaining grants without needing to actually make a purchase
• Easily distribute funds and track spending in multiple locations
• No fees for opening or maintaining
• No expiration dates (no "use it or lose it")
• Total control to add, use or remove funds at your own convenience

Opening a Prepaid Account - To open a Prepaid Account, download the Prepaid Account Form, fill it out and mail it with payment to the following address:

All About Books, LLC
Attn: Accounts Receivable
PO Box 266
Canandaigua, NY 14424

If you are depositing funds using a credit card, for security purposes, please enter your credit card information into your web account in My Account > Settings > Payment Methods first. If you need any assistance entering your card information or logging into your account, please call us at 866-732-3667 and we will be happy to help you. Once you have a payment method securely on file, contact us with the desired amount you'd like to deposit to your account and we will charge your card on file accordingly. If you have any difficulty, contact Customer Service to setup your Prepaid Account.

Using your Prepaid Account - To use your Prepaid Account, you can check the "prepaid account" check box on the Billing page at checkout (for web orders), check the applicable box and indicate your customer number in the billing section (for spreadsheet/PDF orders), or contact Customer Service and be sure to have your customer number and invoice number(s) to be applied at the ready.

Viewing your Prepaid Account balance - To view your Prepaid Account balance, log in to your web account, navigate to the My Account section > Account Balance subsection. We will also email you a payment receipt whenever prepaid funds are deposited or applied that will include your new Prepaid Account balance. As always, you can also contact Customer Service to request your Prepaid Account balance. For customers who manage multiple prepaid accounts, a custom Prepaid Account Balance and Activity Report can be setup to auto-email you at the frequency of your choosing (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually). Contact Customer Service to setup your custom Prepaid Account Balance and Activity Report

Delinquent Accounts

You will be notified in the event that your account has become delinquent. After ninety (90) days, your account will become inactive unless payment terms are mutually agreed upon. At this point, you will not be able to place any additional orders until the balance has been paid off and the account is in good standing, or a payment plan has been put into place. All About Books may require prepayment of orders to reactivate delinquent accounts.

If a customer is unable to pay its invoice by the due date listed, it is the customer's responsibility to contact All About Books to work out a payment plan.

Sales Tax

Items sold by All About Books and shipped to non-profit (501c3) destinations in the following states are subject to sales tax:

  • California (CA)
  • North Carolina (NC)
  • Washington (WA)

Customers in other states may be required to submit tax exemption documents such as a tax exempt certificate to comply with state tax laws. We will notify you in the event this is necessary.


All About Books prices are subject to change without notice. Any price changes are effective immediately and will be reflected on future invoices.

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