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Lap Book Pack 2 (1 copy of 2 titles)

Lap Book Pack 2 (1 copy of 2 titles)

LAP BOOKS-- This pack of 2 lap books is a fantastic addition to a classroom, playroom, library, or any space with a reading circle! This pack contains these 1 copy each of these 2 titles: 

Dry Bones: Presents a traditional African-American Spiritual song that gives an introduction to the parts of the body, as well as the concept of the skeleton. 

Ten Fat Sausages: There are 10 fat sausages sizzling in the pan, but they’re going fast! Can you help count the sausages as they disappear - and can you see where they go? A book to stimulate observation and discussion, and an enjoyable introduction to number bonding. The clever story brings the number concepts in this favorite counting song to life. All children love this traditional rhyme, and singing along will help to develop number skills.

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